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Without dwelling on the clinical picture of diseases described in many guidelines, we consider it necessary to highlight a number of albenza aspects that will help make the correct diagnosis. Purulent inflammation on the palmar and dorsal surfaces of the fingers and hand proceeds differently due to the different structure of the subcutaneous tissue.

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On the back of the hand, the spread of purulent exudate occurs mainly along the plane, while on the palmar surface, the necrosis zone quickly spreads into the depths of albendazole 400mg pills, involving tendon and bone structures in the destructive process.



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With prolonged purulent discharge from the wound of the distal nail phalanx of albendazole pills (for five or more days), one should take into account the possibility of developing a bone panaritium with damage to the ridge of the nail phalanx, even with a negative x-ray picture.

In this zone, the process spreads very quickly to the bone, and changes on the radiograph, as a rule, are delayed and appear on the 10-14th day of the disease.

Severe pain along the flexor tendons, due to the accumulation of inflammatory exudate, suggests the development of tendon panaritium, and with this pathology, surgical intervention should be performed as early as possible to avoid the development of tendon necrosis. The appearance of albenza lateral mobility and crepitus in the interphalangeal joint, especially when wounds are located in the projection of the joint, makes it possible to diagnose articular or osteoarticular panaritium with great confidence.

Wounds in the projection of the metacarpophalangeal joints after hitting the teeth require careful revision, as they often penetrate into the joint cavity, which remains unrecognized upon examination.


The grossest and, unfortunately, the most common mistake is to perform a skin incision without excision of albenza 400mg pills tissues in the hope of further independent rejection of necrosis on the dressing.


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    Such tactics are vicious, since after opening the pressure in the tissues decreases, pain decreases, which is regarded by the doctor and the patient as a positive trend, and at this time the purulent-destructive process progresses deep into the tissues, affecting important anatomical formations.

    Errors in the processing of a purulent focus.

    It is categorically unacceptable to carry out longlongitudinal incisions along the palmar and dorsal surfaces of both the fingers and the hand, since in the future this leads to pronounced cicatricial contractures and severe sensitivity disorders.

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    We consider it categorically contraindicated to repeatedly inject local anesthetic solutions with antibiotics into inflamed edematous tissues as a therapeutic manipulation, since this procedure leads to a further increase in interstitial pressure, followed by soft tissue necrosis.
    Access during surgery for purulent-inflammatory diseases of the fingers and hand should be selected depending on the presence or absence of wounds. In case of already existing damage to the skin on the dorsal or palmar surface, the skin defect must be economically excised and the incision should be modeled as a Z-shaped one on the fingers and an arched or S-shaped one on the hand.

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    In addition, the method of anesthesia is not always chosen correctly. From our point of albenza, in purulent-inflammatory diseases of the fingers and hand, local infiltration anesthesia should not be used, as it does not provide adequate pain relief.

    Conduction anesthesia is shown to be performed at various levels (at the level of the metacarpal bones, the wrist joint, the upper third of the forearm, the axillary fossa), and the injection site of the anesthetic should be located outside the inflammation zone.

      In the future, when destructive foci develop in articulating bone structures, the function of the joint and finger is irreversibly lost.

      Mistakes in performing anesthesia. One of the common mistakes is inadequate anesthesia. Patients remember the feeling of pain during the operation for a long time and in the future they fearfully wait for the repetition of their sensations, which in some cases serves as a reason for refusing the operation.